Privacy Policy

When you submit your information to inquire about, or apply for, a vacancy at Synexus we will ensure that your data is processed securely and in confidence.  Your information will initially be under the control of Human Resource colleagues of Synexus Clinical Research Limited in the the country you are applying to, held on the servers of the a recruitment software vendor called TribePad who are located in the UK.  Your information will be shared with other relevant Synexus group companies and line management on a "need to share" basis for the purpose of evaluating and administering your inquiry or application for employment with the company.  If you are successful in your application, your data will be retained as part of your new employment record, if unsuccessful your information will be retained consistent with Synexus Retention Policies for a period of up to 1 year in case other vacancies become available.  In countries where the law requires us to keep information for a longer period, information will be kept for a period in line with that legal requirement.  Your data will thereafter be securely destroyed. 

You can delete your details at any time.  Simply log into your account using your personal username and password and go to settings where you will see the option to delete your account.  You will receive an email to confirm your request and will have 5 days to cancel such a request. 

Under applicable data protection and privacy laws (dependent upon location) and under Synexus Global Privacy Policy, you have the right to access and correct your data.  Your information may be shared with Synexus group companies in countries that do not enjoy the same level of data protection and privacy safeguards as in your own, however, Synexus will ensure that your information is kept as confidential as possible.

You can review the full privacy approach and policy for Synexus Clinical Research Limited (and its affiliates and subsidiaries).

If you are a resident of the State of California(US), this Policy also incorporates our Privacy Notice for California Residents, which includes additional information required to be provided under California law.

If you apply for a position in South Africa, this policy also incorporates our Privacy Notice for South Africa,, which includes additional information required to be provided under the South African law.